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Hi guys, as you were wondering why I haven't updated this blog yet, I have been so busy with school exams and projects, work and I had already opened my shop at the other blog. I really am so busy!

Along the way, I've decided to move my blog to WordPress, which will happen soon enough when my classes are done (next week)!

Whilst, I'm not going to post anything more via blogspot, just check my very personal blog.

I know, I know, I really wanted my readers to see more of what I have. :)

Day 2: Lovely Days of Valentines at ParTea ParTea!

ParTea ParTea of Love!

Partea Partea Iligan
ParTea ParTea panoramic view
"Hi! Welcome to ParTea! ParTea!", said Kuya Paul (the one in orange shirt), the owner of this Tea place. He's probably the most friendly store owner I've met. Maybe soon when I become a regular here I'll be one of his friends too. Haha!

Here's where every milk tea is ordered and made! Why is there no staff? Well, notice the panoramic view? Kuya Paul chats with the regular customers too. Well not me, because I'm new here but will surely be one too, soon...
Coffee Milktea and Lovely Red Velvet Cupcakes at Partea Partea!
My classmates and I had a taste of coffee milk tea at Partea Partea! on Valentine's Day. Imagine, coffee milktea and cupcakes in an awesome place?! It's definitely the best way to celebrate hearts day.

My dates~ Nick, Mariel and Maurine

What to love in ParTea! ParTea!

ParTea ParTea!'s Finest Wintermelon RSC
Wintermelon RSC! Probably the best taste I had aside of ice creams!

ParTea ParTea Wall Art
The wall art of course, I love art, as much as I love to doodle. It's inspiring verses and all. Just love it.

Post-it Reviews and Shout outs! Who says only few loves ParTea ParTea? No one, I guess.

What more can I say? ParTea! ParTea! is the best tea place in Iligan City. Indeed, the place and the milk tea makes people relieved from everything stressful that's why we celebrated Valentine's Day there. It's a great place for long conversations and relaxation.

If you want to go there, it is located at 39-A Meneses Building, San Miguel Street, Poblacion, 9200 Iligan City. You can check their Facebook page too. Have fun!

Day 1: Lovely Days of Valentines

 lovely valentines day 1

It's the time of the year again that people show love through cakes, balloons, chocolates and lovely dates! Valentine's day is just so timely now and we ought to spend time with our family, friends and even our loved ones.

Day 1: Date with My Beloved Other Half

Meet my boyfriend of 1 year to infinity, Raymart Ruelan. He's my best friend, my confidante, my lover. We decided to have our Valentine's date on advance (February 13, 2014) because we already know that Valentine's day is more crowded on fine restaurants and other places to go to here in Iligan City.

Watched a Movie

We went to Gaisano Cinema to watch Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy. I know, we've been aiming to watch that movie since December and this day is the only day that we're able to watch it. We're both a fan of Vice Ganda and his jokes. We never miss every movie he casts on. Luckily it's still showing in our place. The whole movie is fun, especially that we're free to laugh ourselves out because we're the only people watching (and the guard, yes the guard).

Dinner at Delecta

After a funny movie, we ate our dinner at Delecta. We had Kinilaw and a healthy Delecta juice! It's very yummy especially that it has mango bits but we didn't liked it much because we need spiciness in it! Yes, we're fond of eating something with chili. LOL.

Delecta's Kinilaw

Delecta healthy juice

Lovely date, it is.

All in all, I enjoyed our date. It's so much fun! What's important is I get to spend time with my boyfriend even though we had hectic schedules. We'll have more soon, hopefully. :)